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(a) Books

Robyn McPhail, R. and Ward, D. E., Morality and Agency , Lanham MD, University Press of America , 1988 , 165p [ISBN 0-8191-6981-1]

(b) Book Chapters

(c) Refereed Journal Articles

Ward, D.E. and Oddie, G., The aesthetic inadequacy of copies. British Journal of Aesthetics, 29, No.3, 258-260 (l989)
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Ward D.E. and Pearce,J., Is there a Place for Religion in Rawls' Just Society?, Moral Musings A Quarterly Journal of Social and Political Thought Volume One, Issue One, 14-16, June 1997: available at
Ward D.E., A new Approach to the Philosophical Problem of Akrasia, Dialogos 76, 97-109 (2000).
Ward,D.E. Did I Dream That or Did It Really Happen, Manuscrito Vol. XXIV, 85-101 2001
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Ward D.E. Making the Implicit Explicit: Exploring the philosophical method used in P4C, Critical and Creative Thinking, Vol 11 (No1) March 2003

(d) Non-refereed Journal Articles

Ward, D.E., Culture is our business. Week-End School Proceedings, New Zealand Library Otago Branch pp. 9-17 (1974)

(e) Major Reviews

Ward, D.E., The Subject of Consciousness by C.O.Evans,. Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 51, No.2, (l973)
Ward, D.E., The Origins of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bi-Cameral Mind by Julian Jaynes. Australia and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, Dec/Jan (l981/82)
Ward, D.E., Exploring the Concept of Mind edited by Richard M. Caplan. Philosophy and Literature, (1987)

(f) Refereed Conference Proceedings

(g) Other Significant Conference Involvement

Ward. D.E., Introducing particulars into discourse. Australasian Assn.of Philosophy NZ, Wellington (l970)
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Ward. D.E., Evolutionary ethics. AAP Brisbane (1991)
Ward. D.E., The Other Problem of Evil. AAP Canberra (1993)
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Ward, DE, Strange Emotions, Kant bicentennial conference , Auckland, July 9-12, 2004
Ward. D.E. the highest Good and the Happy Ending AAp Conference Sydney July 2005
Ward DE Fun and Games - Presidential Address AAp New Zealand Conference Dunedin December 2005